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About us

Scandinavian Freight Ltd. is a transport and logistics company specializing in rail and multi-modal cargo transportation for export, import and transit traffic between Europe, Russia and Asian countries.

We are looking for solutions that are tailor-made for our customers, which ensure reliable and efficient freight logistics. Thanks to our diverse rolling stock, the transportation of various industrial and consumer goods can be organized smoothly.

Our cooperation with the leading operators in Russia and Europe allows us to guarantee our customers
high quality transport services at a competitive price.


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  • wagonloads, groups of commodities and block trains

  • container transport by rail or sea between Europe and Asia

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Information services

  • freight tracking
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Forwarding activities

  • rolling stock for rail transport
  • payment of rail tariffs in Finland, Russia and Estonia
  • fulfillment of transport documents
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  • developing comprehensive solutions for cargo delivery
  • supply chain optimization


We handle transportation by various means of transport through ports and land borders in Europe, Russia, CIS countries, China, the Middle East and Asia.

Our company develops optimal and safe routes, minimizes risks and material costs.

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Rail transport between China and Europe

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A regular container train between China and Europe will deliver your cargo within 12 days.

The route of approximately 9,500 kilometers runs through Mongolia, Russia and Belarus.

This service provides an optimal alternative to Chinese and European cargoes, both in terms of travel time and delivery costs.


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  • Regularity (20 trains per month)

  • Stable schedule

  • Possibility to transport containers of different sizes (20 and 40 feet)

  • Standardized Document Management System


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Chip carriers

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Timber flatcars

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Hopper wagons

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Condola cars


VR Group (Finland) - We cooperate with VR in the arrangements for rail transport between Finland and Russia.

Eesti Raudtee (Estonia) - Eesti Raudtee provides freight forwarding services in Estonia.

Eurosib (Russia) - Eurosib is our strategic partner, which since 1992 has been providing integrated transport and logistics services to key sectors of the economy in different countries of the world.

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Five reasons to contact us

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  1. We offer versatile services for the different phases of the transport chain
  2. We design an optimal transport solution for each customer's needs
  3. We guarantee the high quality of our service
  4. We provide our customers with diverse rolling stock
  5. We provide services at competitive prices

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